General Purpose - Type 40
  Bellofram's General Purpose Type 40 Regulator is a reliable precision unit designed for instrumentation and general-purpose applications. Test data for the Type 40 regulator shows excellent performance characteristics compared with those of similar units presently on the market. This Bellofram regulator is generally superior in regulated pressure vs. flow, forward-to-reverse flow offset, supply pressure sensitivity, repeatability and stability. Ruggedly designed and constructed, this regulator has, a die-cast aluminum housing, and is finished with vinyl paint (which resists scratching, weathering and other physical abuse). Each unit is then pressure and leak tested prior to shipment from the factory.

Careful design and quality materials throughout assure long, trouble-free operation in the most difficult industrial environments. A rubberized, soft-seat valve stem provides positive shut-off and "forgives" dirt or other foreign matter. An aspirator maintains downstream pressure and compensates for droop when high flow occurs. The full flow gauge port is convenient for gauge installation and can also be used as an additional full flow outlet.

The Type 40 regulator has a 60-mesh 304 stainless steel screen to block foreign particles from entering the output stream. The design of this regulator is especially well suited to pilot-operated controllers, and instruments, as well as applications such as air chucks, air spray guns, air cylinders and actuators, and a wide range of industrial pneumatic systems and equipment.