Parker/Watts General Line FRLs
  Parker/Watts General Line FRLs offer piped ports from sizes 1/8" to 2½".
Included in this line of Watts products are:
Particulate Filters, Coalescing Filters, Oil Removal Filters, Miniature Filters,  General Purpose Filters, Standard Filters, In-Line Bronze Filters, Miniature Regulators,  General Purpose Regulators, Standard Regulators, Pilot-Operated Regulators, Precision Regulators, Miniature Lubricators,  General Purpose Lubricators, Standard Lubricators, Miniature Integral Filter/Regulators,  General Purpose Integral Filter/Regulators, Miniature Combination Units,  General Purpose Combination Units, Standard Combination Units, Relief Valves, & Tank Drains