Powered Slides - Flairline HI-CYCLE Series OPS and MPS
  Flairline Series OPS and MPS powered slides feature four guide-rod bearings consisting of a material based on a tough thermoplastic alloy, a matrix of highly abrasion-resistant fibers and a friction-reducing solid lubricant mix. Special characteristics of the guide rod bearings include: wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, vibration dampening properties, dirt resistance and high resistance to chemicals. All powered slides have oversized chrome-plated, high-strength, corrosion resistant steel guide-rods. Series OPS and MPSare powered by Flairline cylinders featuring dynamic O-ring piston seals (Buna N standard; Viton available). Construction of Flairline “repairable” powered slide cylinders includes stainless steel piston rods (chrome-plated steel on 1-1/2” bore models), aluminum heads and caps, hard-anodized aluminum barrels and anodized aluminum bodies and tool blocks.

For automated stroke sequencing, specify Series MPSpowered slides. Series MPSmodels are powered by Flairline magnetic switch cylinders which include pistons with factory installed magnets. Magnetic switch options include Reed and Hall Effect types. Stainless steel mounting bands can be adjusted to any location on the cylinder allowing several switches to be mounted for controlling or initiating any sequence function.

Standard Bore Sizes - 1/2, 3/4, 11/8, 1/1/2
Stock Stroke Sizes – See Ordering Instructions on page 8.
Internal cushions available – both ends of powered slide cylinder
Pneumatic – 200 psi maximum
Hydraulic – 200 psi maximum