Tandem Cylinder
  • Tandem models consist of two cylinders joined by a common center section.
• An H type piston (Series FT) or a D type piston (Series DT) in each cylinder is interconnected to the other by a common piston rod.
• Operated as two double-acting cylinders, Series FT or DT can be used to multiply force without increasing pressure or bore size.
• Filling the rod end cylinder with oil and using a flow control between its ports, tandems can provide the accurate speed regulation of a hydraulic cylinder while the cap end unit is operated with economical air.

• Standard Bore Sizes - 1 1/2 to 4
• Stock Stroke Sizes - 1" to 18" (1" increments)
• Cushions available - either/both ends (cushions not standard on center head)
• Pneumatic - 150 psi maximum
• Hydraulic - consult factory

NOTE: Series FT and DT are also available in double-ended models as well as multi-position
single and double-ended models. These must be quoted as “specials” on a “per order” basis.