Switches for ER, ET and ERV Products
  Switches for ER, ET and ERV Products
• ET Series and ER Series actuator products are equipped with permanent nitrile barium magnets on the bearing carriage.
• These magnets serve to activate available Hall Effect sensors or reed switches.
• Hall Effect Sensors:
• Two types of Hall effect sensors are available for use with ET Series and ER Series actuators.
• The normally open sensor is typically used for mid-position sensing, such as homing applications.
• The normally closed sensor is generally used to indicate over-travel at the end of the stroke, and is used in a safety circuit to prevent damage to components caused by over-travel.
• Reed Switches:
• Reed switches are available in a normally open or normally closed configuration. The low amp switch is suitable for connection to PLCs or other low current devices.
• The high amp switch can be used to drive sequencers, relays, coils, or other devices directly.
• Not compatible with TTL level I.O. Logic (switch will work with TTL level if wired backwards but LED will not light).