Couplers, Sleevmatic
• Hardened wear points and solid barstock construction provide long life for these quality couplings. Precision machined surfaces resist the effects of mechanical shocks, even in rugged use.
• Tubular valve with large flow passages delivers high air flows with minimal pressure drop for efficient performance.
• Molded seals with high quality valve seats form a bubble tight seal for reliable sealing within rated working pressures. The tubular valve minimizes wear on the seal and prolongs seal life.
• Ball locking mechanism with large numbers of steel or stainless steal locking balls improves resistance to wear, insures positive connections and provides accurate alignment. The ball locking also allows swiveling action that reduces hose torque.
• Sleeve guard resists accidental disconnection by allowing the coupling to ride over obstructions without the sleeve being accidentally retracted. It also contributes to greater strength.
• Knurling and grooves on sleeve provide gripping surfaces for ease of operation.
• Wide range of sizes, materials and end terminations are available. Sleeve type quick couplings are offered with male pipe, female pipe, push-lok host barb, standard hose barb and reusable hose fitting ends. Materials offered are Buna N and Viton for seals and brass or steel for metals.
• Interchangeability. Sleevmatic couplers are used with industrial interchange nipples conforming to MIL-C4109.