Couplers, Saflomatic
• Saflomatic tubular valves with their large flow windows deliver high air flow with minimum pressure drop – for efficient performance of air tools and other actuators. The tubular valve also provides 360 degree seal support to prevent cold flow and bore constriction, thereby extending seal life.
• Tapered flow recesses in the valve body provide maximum flow capability.
• Precision molded seals with high quality valve seats for a bubble tight seal that assures reliable sealing within rated working pressures. The Saflomatic design with its 360° seal support gives maximum seal retention.
• Locking pawls are of hardened stainless steel for a durable locking mechanism that provides good alignment and sideload resistance.
• Push-to-connect design permits one-handed connection when the coupler half is rigidly mounted.
• Back pressure vent holes allow easier connections especially with liquids.
• Hardened wear points and solid barstock construction provide long life for these quality couplings. Precision machined surfaces resist the effects of mechanical shocks, even in rugged use.
• Interchangeability. Saflomatic couplers are used with industrial interchange nipples conforming to MIL-C4109.