MidFlow Adsorber Filters (F674W - F688W)
Protects end processes from gaseous oil contamination and rids compressed air of offensive oily odors.
Removes hydrocarbons for use in analytical instruments.
Low pressure drop.
Pop-up indicator indicates abnormal condition such as plugged element or excessive flow. Critical protection requires changing element at regular intervals.
10 oz./20 oz. black coated metal bowl with liquid level sight.
Black coated aluminum housing.
Manual drain.

add suffix to part number in alpha order
M  Metal bowl, without sight glass   (F673M)

Metal Bowl
  Zinc black coated.
  Max. pressure 250 psig.
  Operating temperature range 40°F to 200°F.

Metal Bowl with Sight
  Zinc black coated
  Max. pressure 250 psig
  Operating temperature range 40°F to 160°F

Multi-wrapped layers of impregnated activated charcoal particles to increase purification qualities. If the compressed air has been prepared by a suitable refrigerated dryer and F5A Oilescer filter, the F6 Absorber will insure oil concentrations of .0015 PPM by weight. In all cases, an F5 Oilescer must precede an F6 Absorber. To prevent any particle migration downstream an F3 with 3 micron element should be installed downstream for total system protection.

Body:   Black coated aluminum
Baffle:   Plastic
Seals:   Buna N

Bowl Kits
  Metal bowl without sight  (BKF47M)
  Metal bowl with sight  (BKF47W)

Element Kits
  Charcoal wrapped 2-pack  (EK67, EK68)  Clear net no color

Repair Kits
  Repair kit  (RKF47, RKF48)
  Replacement sight kit  (WK37)
  Indicator Pop-up kit  (DPK-05)

Mounting Bracket

  Food plants