Series 1 Cylinders
  Product Detail
• NFPA Interchangeable
• 1 1/2" - 8" Bores
• 250 PSI Pneumatic
• 250 PSI Non-Shock Hydraulic

Material And Design Specifications Tube:
6063-T832 grade aluminum alloy with hard coated I.D. This anodic coating provides extreme hardness, excellent wear, low coefficient of friction, and high corrosion resistance to ensure longer, trouble-free cycle life.
Head and Cap:
Precision machined from extruded 6061-T6 grade aluminum alloy. Hard coated as standard on 1 1/2" through 5" bores. (Optional on 6" and 8" bores.)
Piston Rod:
Hard chrome plated steel ground and polished to a smooth finish.
Tie Rods:
High strength 1215 grade zinc clear chromate plated steel.
Rod Bushing:
Continuous cast SAE 660 grade bronze bushing is piloted into the head and is securely held in with an aluminum retaining plate (1 1/2" through 5" bores) to provide maximum load bearing support.
High grade aluminum alloy.
Piston Seals:
Block-Vee type, Buna N material is furnished as standard.
Piston Bearing Strip:
A low friction, dimensionally stable nylon wear band constitutes an excellent bearing surface.
Rod Seal:
Block-Vee type is self-adjusting to ensure proper seal.
Rod Wiper:
Lip type urethane seal cleans piston rod and prevents foreign particles from entering cylinder.
Self-adjusting urethane cup moves into the head/cap to insure a positive seal and allows air to meter across the cushion screw. This method provides a fast breakaway and more precise adjustment. (Optional)
Tube Seal:
Buna N "O" ring in head and cap provides tight seal.